Stunning new video for Husky Rescue’s “Under Friendly Fire”

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Stunning new video for Husky Rescue’s “Under Friendly Fire”

Husky Rescue
‘Under Friendly Fire’ video/single

‘Under Friendly Fire’ is the intense new video from Husky Rescue for their single of the same name. Directed by frequent collaborator, Miikka Lommi, the clip is a powerful, fierce and disturbing look at the hidden world of teenage bullying. The video features performances from the Pretty Bruises Squad (, enacting a dark game of cat and mouse dressed in chilling face make by artist Piia Hiltunen ( well as vicious, subliminal illustrations by up-and-coming artist Milena Huhta

With this video, Husky Rescue aim to highlight the harm caused by bullying and have teamed up with UK-based anti-bullying charity Ditch The Label ( to get the message across and help those effected by bullying.

‘Under Friendly Fire’ is taken from the album ‘The Long Lost Friend – Special Edition’, available now for download and as a special 2-CD set from Catskills Records.

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