Catskills Music


Catskills Records was formed 1997 by a London / Brighton collective to release underground talent from their home turf. The label represents the best that both scenes has to offer, and has since spread it’s wings to other parts of the UK with Bushy, Zero Theory, Sonorous Star, Nylon Rhythm Machine, Black Grass, Vibra and now to Europe and the rest of the world with the signings of Pepe Deluxé and Husky Rescue from Finland and Capsule from Germany.

Unlike other record labels there is no formula to our shit. There is no particular formula, no particular style and no particular genre of music that represents Catskills. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again loudly for the people in the cheap seats; it’s all about the Head Nod Factor (tm), if it’s got it then we’ll spin it ’til it breaks our necks.

Catskills is run by people involved at every stage of the game, DJ’s, producers, designers, the point is to understand all angles. However, the emphasis is always on experimentation, artistic freedom and artist diversity. We’re not looking to sign another Pepe Deluxé or another Bushy; anyone we sign has to be something different and new.

True to their ethic, Catskills has been responsible for launching the careers of many diverse and exciting talents including Finland’s Pepe Deluxé and Husky Rescue who have had multiple critically and commercially successful albums throughout the years. Along the way they have also given exposure to the likes of Bushy, Hardkandy, Black Grass, The Ripps, Nylon Rhythm Machine, Kidda, Aldo Vanucci, Sonorous Star, Zero Theory and many more!

In recent years the label has focused on releases from premier bands, Pepe Deluxé and Husky Rescue, recently releasing the Pepe Deluxé’s wildly ambitious Queen of The Wave (a Pop-Opera in three parts) in January 2012 to enthusiastic critical response. The album was such as success that Catskills will be re-releasing a special 3-Disc Deluxé Edition of the album in November with all new material and a 70 page book on the unique making of the album.