Nylon Rhythm Machine – White Wind EP

Catskills Music

Nylon Rhythm Machine – White Wind EP

  • Release date: 2005-04-01
  • Label: Catskills Records Ltd
  • Catalog #: RID041

Album Description

Not content with simply utilising a top secret selection of sample and instrument based weaponry, so he’s enlisted the help of legendary left coast MC Wildchild to bring some verbal firepower to the proceedings, and Black Grass powering home the remix. ‘White Wind’ takes some pan pipes, some strings and a beefy drum break, then blends the elements together with a healthy dose of turntable wizardry. The resulting phatness was then rushed over to Cali where Wildchild took time out from his work with his crew Lootpack to lace the track with his own brand of verbal seasoning. The result? Four minutes forty seven seconds of hip hop genius that is simply good enough to eat


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