Nylon Rhythm Machine – Chimera EP

Catskills Music

Nylon Rhythm Machine – Chimera EP

  • Release date: 2004-11-01
  • Label: Catskills Records Ltd
  • Catalog #: RID037

Album Description

Catskills Records is proud to bring you the triumphant return of Nylon Rhythm Machine, Like the mythical creature that graces the cover, the “Chimera EP” showcases Nylon Rhythm Machine’s mastery of fusing a wide range of musical style into new and exciting shapes. From the Acoustic folk of the lush “Starways To Mars”, through the dark electronica of “Agent Orange” to the synth-laden dirty breaks of “Venom” and the spiritual musings of “The Holy Mountain”, Nylon Rhythm Machine effortlessly dips his brush in a wide range of musical palettes.


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