Husky Rescue – New Light Of Tomorrow 12″ EP

Catskills Music

Husky Rescue – New Light Of Tomorrow 12″ EP

  • Release date: 2005-01-01
  • Label: Catskills Records Ltd
  • Catalog #: RID040

Album Description

Drawing on a personal cultural melting pot which includes Johnny Cash, Erik Satie and Lalo Schiffrin alongside the visual inspiration of David Lynch, Lukas Moodyson and Tarantino, this single clearly marked him out as an artist to watch in 2005. (this 12″ was recently voted in the top 70 12’s of the year in DJ magazine). A quiet but powerful hymn for a better tomorrow, the track features the vocals of Sam Shingler.

The B-side displays more of Husky Rescue’s range as “The Good Man” relates the tragicomic tale of a man hanging on to his dignity in the face of defeat. Backed with a monster remix by Evil 9 and Ninja’s nicest Bonobo….. “superb!” Trevor Jackson **** Metro


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