Hardkandy – See The Light EP

Catskills Music

Hardkandy – See The Light EP

  • Release date: 2002-10-01
  • Label: Catskills Records Ltd
  • Catalog #: RID024

Album Description

The opener for this fine EP is ‘Summer Of 95’ from Hardkandy’s debut album ‘How Do You Do Nothing?’. Its a mellow, soulful, summery groove that sounds like something Kool and the Gang might have knocked up if they’d ever worked with the BBC radiophonic workshop. ‘Funny Thing’ features the Reverend Theodore Bone, aka that great vocalist Ashley Slater. Then there’s a funky remix of ‘Funny Thing’ from Black Grass, followed by the first ever remix from The Bees, which ends up sounding more like The Bees than Hardkandy, as they basically replay the tune themselves.


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