Bushy – Don’t Mind If I Do

Catskills Music

Bushy – Don’t Mind If I Do

  • Release date: 2002-04-08
  • Label: Catskills Records Ltd
  • Catalog #: RID020

Album Description

The original “Don’t Mind If I Do” sees Bushy doing what he does best: Rocking the party! The track rolls along on an elastic P-funk style bass line and Bushy’s trademark quirky drum loops. Everywhere the Catskills posse has dropped this tasty number it has literally blown up the spot! Famous friends of Bushy (and all round good guys) Rae & Christian have been big fans of Bushy’s previous releases and chomped at the bit when they got a chance to remix the original. Grand Central’s finest unleash one of their best remixes to date. Not to be out done, International Superstar DJs ™ Groove Armada also couldn’t wait to get their hands dirty funking-up Bushy’s beats – so much so that not one, but two, remixes landed on Catskills’ doormat.


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