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Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino & Pepe Deluxé

Paolo and Pepe Enter the Show Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino made a short film called “Enter the Show” for Hennessy. It both celebrates and also makes friendly fun of various characters, who all feel that they are more important than they really are. La Dolce Vita! 🙂 (Damn groovy) music[…]

Pepe Deluxé album V: Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1 OUT NOW!

Pepe Deluxé album V: Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1 After 9 LONG years we are incredibly PROUD of Pepe Deluxé for producing such a stunning album. It’s finally out today and you get a chance to hear and enjoy their Indiana Jones exploration of music. We guarantee you will never have[…]

Pepe Deluxé album V: Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1

Pepe Deluxé album V: Phantom Cabinet Vol. 1 8+ years of adventures on five continents. 9 lead vocalists and 44 drummers. Over 500 years of musical history in the form of dozens of Incredible Instruments, ranging from a holy drum made of human skulls & skin to a synthesizer designed[…]

New Release – Pepe Deluxé – The Surrealist Woman

We’re super happy to announce some new music from Pepe Deluxé. When is a Pepe Deluxé single NOT a Pepe Deluxé single? When it’s actually the official Theme Song for a Graphic Novel based on a film by Salvador Dalí starring The Marx Brothers…a film that was never made! Yes[…]

Husky Rescue soundtrack Levi ‘n’ Sky

Husky Rescue’s “Blueberry Tree Part 1” soundtracks the latest video by Levi ‘n’ Sky. Thanks to all the folks at Levi n Sky. Go to Finland it’s cold but it fucking rocks!

Pepe Deluxe – In The Cave – Soundtracks Atlas Obscura

Pepe Deluxe’s “In The Cave” soundtracks the Atlas Obscura video about the Luray Caverns and The Great Stalacpipe Organ. The tracks was actually the very first specially composed piece of music for the instrument to be played on The Great Stalacpipe Organ. The Great Stalacpipe Organ is the world’s largest[…]

New Pepe Deluxé Single – Go Girl Go

Woohoo! It’s special day when we get new music from Pepe Deluxé, and today the music is very special indeed! The new single ‘Go Girl Go!’ is finally here, taken exclusively from the forthcoming compilation to celebrate 20 years of Catskills music – “Catskills Records: 20 Years of Victory!” It’s[…]

New Husky Rescue single – My Shelter

We’re super happy to present some NEW HUSKY RESCUE music! “My Shelter” is one of the exclusive new songs on our forthcoming 20th Anniversary celebration compilation due out 25th November. Yes 20 years!!!! It’s going to be available on beautiful limited edition 3 x coloured vinyl, sexy double cd and[…]